Vermillion Township
Dakota County, Minnesota  55033

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The process for obtaining a building permit:
  1. Create your building plans. For non-agricultural buildings I have seen plans range from professionally prepared architectural plans to pencil sketches on one sheet of paper.  My husband and I used power point, and that was also accepted.
  2. If it is not an agricultural building, submit the plans to the building inspector.  If it is intended to be an agricultural building, the building inspector is not involved.  You deal directly with the Township Board (bypass steps 3-5 and go to step 6). 
  3. While the building inspector is thinking about the plans, you may want to obtain a building permit application from the township clerk and fill it out.  I have seen some people obtain the permit application at the township meeting and fill it out on the spot.  I usually have to think a while before filling anything out, so I've included a copy of the permit application so that you know what information to have handy.
  4. After the building inspector reviews and approves the plans, he will mark the plans as approved and forward them to the township board and (hopefully) notify you.  If you haven't heard anything for a while, call him to find out where things stand.
  5. After the plans are approved, submit the permit application to the township board. Most people bring it with them to the next township meeting.
  6. You then attend the  the next monthly township board meeting to finish the discussion and (hopefully) receive your signed permit.  If it is a non-agricultural building, you should also receive an inspection folder.
  7. Give the Township money.  For non-agricultural buildings there seems to be some magical formula based on the value of the project and the number of inspections performed.  For agricultural buildings the current permit fee is $25.00. 

Building Inspector:
Darrel Gilmer
27700 Danville Avenue
Castle Rock, MN  55110

Work Phone:  (651) 463-7273
Cell Phone:  (651) 775 - 6118