Vermillion Township
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Burning Permits
Chairman Bob Bohn is the township fire representative.  Contact him to obtain burning permits.

Current Fire and First Response Service

Current fire service is provided by the Hastings Fire Department under the direction of Chief Mike Schutt with mutal aid provided by Randolph-Hampton, Farmington and Rosemount fire departments.

The Hastings Fire Department was honored by the Twin Cities Chapter of the Red Cross as Firefighter Heroes and received the Firefighters Ready Award in 2009. 

The Hastings Fire Department has served Vermillion Township since ---?----.

Fire Service Discussion

Discussions were held to determine what fire and EMS service would best serve Vermillion Township. In 2008, Supervisor and Towship Fire Representative Bob Bohn warned that costs associated with the contracted Hastings Fire Department had risen dramatically.  He also raised the issue of response times for residents in the south-west area of the township. On Feb. 9, 2011, Hastings Fire & EMS Director/Paramedic Mike Schutt presented a slide show with the details of the current service.

The information below attempts to capture the ideas and discussions that have occurred over the last several years. The information covers the current fire service and past exploration of forming a volunteer fire department in Vermillion Township.  The Moderator of the 2010 Annual Township Meeting, Judy Sloan, took the action item to gather the information produced and post on the internet so all had access to it.  This website serves that purpose.  If you are a resident of Vermillion Township and would like to receive updates as this information is posted, send the request to Judy Sloan at

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Hastings Fire Department
    Fire and Ambulance Services Contract
    2011 Budget
    2011 Budget worksheet draft
    Presentation Feb. 9, 2011

Volunteer Fire Department & First Response
    Projected Startup Cost
       Estimated Cost of Training
    Projected Annual Cost
    Administration & Recruitment
       Fire Station Grant
       SAFER Grant